Professional Design & Marketing Experience

Girls on the Run of Stark County, North Canton, Ohio

Council/Creative Director & CoFounder (July 1, 2014—March 21, 2017)

Girls on the Run of Stark County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. GOTR Stark was officially operated out of my home office from June 2013 to March 21, 2017. Prior to that, my garage and basement served as storage space for all GOTR 5k and program supplies.

As Council Director, with only a part-timer to assist me with day-to-day responsibilities, I served as designer, web master, photographer, marketing director, editor, proofreader, human resources coordinator, accountant, and much more. I could list all of my responsibilities here, but I took on this role because I was passionate for our mission, not because it was a career goal. These are the responsibilities that reflect my core skillset and the ones that I hope to continue to use and develop in the future:

  • Designing & writing all local print materials
  • Designing special event materials (invitations, tickets, posters, etc.)
  • Creating & sending out the monthly newsletter
  • Designing & updating the website
  • Creating illustrations for print and digital marketing campaigns
  • Writing & sending out press releases
  • Ensuring that all communications align with established brand standards
  • Developing & implementing the annual marketing plan
  • Creating, managing, & overseeing monthly social media plans
  • Developing collaborative projects/partnerships with other community organizations
  • Acting as ambassador to represent Girls on the Run’s mission and programs
  • Developing relationships with the local media
  • Member of the Girls on the Run International Website Redesign Taskforce
  • Member of the Girls on the Run International Marketing Committee

Program Director (August 2012 to July 2014)

After helping to found GOTR Stark, I took on the role of Program Director on a volunteer basis from August 2012 to July 2013. I was then hired as the first full-time staff person on July 1, 2013 and the headquarters were moved to my home office. My duties included:

  • Creating & updating coach training curriculum
  • Developing weekly communications to coaches
  • Creating monthly newsletter
  • Writing & sending out press releases
  • Designing & updating the website
  • Writing & designing print materials
  • Developing & implementing marketing plans for events, sponsorship, & programs
  • Creating, managing, & overseeing monthly social media plans
  • Developing & implementing organizational policies and procedures
  • Identifying & planning for infrastructure growth to parallel growth of program
  • Overseeing fundraising efforts including sponsorship, donor cultivation, grants, & special events
  • Developing collaborative projects/partnerships with other community organizations
  • Developing & managing annual budget 
  • Recruiting, screening, training, & placing over 100 coaches each season
  • Purchasing and organizing curriculum & equipment for 40+ program locations each season
  • Managing registration process for over 600 girls
  • Maintaining & updating registration, sponsorship, and coach databases

Solution Tree Press, Bloomington, Indiana

Writer & Editor (June 2005 to July 2006)

  • Establishing and leading a team to analyze Solution Tree’s offerings with the goal of creating recommendations of books to reissue, discontinue, or reprint
  • Writing text for marketing pieces, book jackets, and executive summaries
  • Proofreading and editing marketing materials and annual catalogs
  • Editing & proofreading book-length manuscripts
  • Assessing book submissions based on current market demands and forecasted trends
  • Assisting in the rebranding of the company

Design Team Leader (July 2006 to June 2013)

In January 2008, I moved to North Canton, Ohio and began working remotely for Solution Tree Press.

  • Designing book covers (case bound & perfect bound) and book jackets
  • Creating text designs (single- and two-color designs) for complex 100+ page books
  • Designing infographics, tables, charts, and student and teacher worksheets to clarify and support editorial content
  • Illustrating various icons for cover and text design use
  • Photographing items for cover and text design use
  • Creating package designs for training sets (CD/DVD labels, saddle stitch facilitator guides, exterior case)
  • Preflighting text and cover files for press and creating and submitting press-ready PDFs
  • Acting as the interdepartmental point person for the Solution Tree Press design team
  • Establishing and leading “Designers Anonymous”—an interdepartmental design group to assist in aligning our efforts, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency
  • Assisting in re-branding the company and establishing interdepartmental brand standards
  • Establishing team processes and writing design process documents
  • Assisting in developing marketing strategy & messaging for book titles

Prepress Training Solution, Bloomington, Indiana

Director of Marketing (October 2004 to June 2005)

  • Developing and implementing the 2005 marketing plan
  • Copywriting, proofreading, and designing all communication and marketing pieces
  • Creating, carrying out, and reporting on research studies
  • Creating and designing e-marketing materials
  • Writing software-training scripts

Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana

Journals Coordinator (January 2004 to October 2004)

  • Developing & implementing individual marketing campaigns for 24 journals
  • Designing marketing materials for each journal
  • Designing advertisements to be placed at the back of each journal
  • Coordinating production and marketing of all journals
  • Working with and establishing budgets for each journal
  • Writing and proofreading text for brochures, the journals catalog, and the website

e-Star Network, Evansville, Indiana

Director of Communications (June 2003 to December 2003)

  • Developing marketing campaigns based on extensive market research
  • Designing print materials for use by the sales team
  • Creating and approving all public and media relations communications
  • Assisting with the design and creation of the website
  • Writing and proofreading articles and text for the website

MLBA Publishing, Lansing, Michigan

Managing Editor (August 2000 to June 2003)

  • Acting as the entire in-house staff for The Michigan Beverage Journal, The Illinois Beverage Guide, and The Wisconsin Beverage Guide
  • Establishing a state-specfic marketing plan for each magazine
  • Designing, writing, editing, and proofreading editorial content and advertisements for each of the 3 state-specific magazines
  • Creating brochures, pamphlets, and flyers for all aspects of the parent association: The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association
  • Marketing the magazines to advertisers and readers
  • Implementing and managing the internship program


Grand Valley State University (1997 to 2000)
Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Literature, with a Professional Writing Emphasis
Various courses completed 2009 to 2017 (list available upon request)

HOW Design Conference Attendee
Chicago, 2017
Chicago, 2011
Denver, 2010
Austin, 2009
Atlanta, 2007


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