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Sea Life Illustrations

After struggling through a devastating shock to my career, I needed to create again. I thought about bringing back my owl-a-day project, but that would be too easy...and the truth is, I don't really like owls that much. I thought about joining a Creative Sprint, but I really wanted something illustration or drawing based. That's when I learned about #The100DayProject and decided to join in. I wanted to do something with sea life and creativity—an odd combination, but that will make sense once I wrap the challenge up—and came up with my Sea Life Differently project.

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Day 1: Whale Illustration

Day 17: Puffer Fish Illustration

Day 19: Swordfish Illustration

Day 34: Mantis Shrimp Illustration

Art prints of several members of this illustrated series will soon be available through my Etsy Shop. While the project has had a few interruptions, you can follow along as I create all 100 on Instagram.

365 Days of Owls

In 2012, my creativity seemed to hit rock bottom. While at the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, the Instigator of Awesome challenged me to do something with the ridiculous number of owls I had just sketched.
It was a dare that I couldn't ignore. Within a few days I launched my year-long owl-a-day challenge. In the end, I created 385 owls and 12 prints. A sample of my owls are included below.

See the Owl-a-Day Journey here.

The owl that kicked off my Mid Century Modern style. The owl that kicked off my Mid Century Modern style.
Prints 1 through 3 of the Owl a Day series Prints 1 through 3 of the Owl-a-Day series
Prints 4 through 6 of the Owl-a-Day series Prints 4 through 6 of the Owl-a-Day series
Prints 7 through 9 of the Owl-a-Day series Prints 7 through 9 of the Owl-a-Day series
Prints 10 through 12 of the Owl-a-Day series Prints 10 through 12 of the Owl-a-Day series

Black Friday Illustration Challenges

My Owl-a-Day adventure inspired a yearly tradition: Illustration Friday. While everyone is out shopping on Black Friday, I hide out in the corner of a coffee shop and create. Each year, I focus on one theme, typically dictated by the super creative team of Shock & Nayback (my nieces and nephews).

2016: A Beagle Celebration

One of our beagles was struggling with a bunch of health issues. I knew he didn't have too long and decided to illustrate some beagles to celebrate Chester.

2015: Fishin' for Fun

Under the direction of the creative team of Shock & Nayback, I created my first bunch of fish illustrations. (The sea horse and turtle were from previous illustration projects.)

2014: Foxes of the Future

In 2014, Lillian, a cheif creative of Shock & Nayback, informed me that the fox was the wave of the future. I created 3 foxes (2 are shown here) that Black Friday.

2013: Lions for a Leo

When I was young, I had a very special lion blanket that my grandmother made for me. It was a lion that represented my sign and the inner strength she wished for me.

The blanket is long gone, so I decided to create my own versions.

Woodland Creatures

Woodland Creature Illustrations

The full series, which was expanded to accompany the foxes from a Black Friday Illustration Challenge are now available for purchase as stock images through my Hungry Jpeg site.

Woodland Creatures & Friends Pin Designs

The woodland creatures (and a few friends) are now part of a series of pins (and magnets) that will soon be available on my Etsy site.


Owls & Shrooms Pattern

Woodland Fox Pattern

Woodland Owlet Pattern

Poinsettia Pattern

Pin-Back Button & Magnet Designs

Owl A Day Button Designs

Retro Creature Button Designs

Shock Cousteau Button Designs

Custom Magnet and Pin Designs

A few years ago, I purchased a professional grade button-maker and started making pins, magnets, & shoe buttons using my illustrations. I also started making custom buttons for my kids' cross country team, Girls on the Run of Stark County, and a few friends and family.

If you would like custom-made pins or magnets, you can visit my Etsy page here.

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