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No matter how big or small a project is, I strive to do more than just "make things pretty". My design experience includes branding, illustration, direct mail design, book design, collateral design, typography, button making, and web design.

I use my skills in each of these areas to help small businesses find and share their authentic stories so they can

  • connect with and inspire current and potential customers
  • build lasting relationships with those they serve
  • stand out from all of today's noise in a meaningful way

Accomplishing this requires knowing more than how the visual pieces fit together, but also how to craft a well-written, visually-based narrative that can be easily communicated in both print and digital media.

If you're looking for a cost-effective marketing and design solution, contact me! I'd love to chat about your business plans and learn how I can help you.

Here are just a few of the many solutions I have created for the businesses I have worked with...

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Cadence Race Promotions

My most recent project is creating an entire brand identity, along with all supporting elements for the newly formed Cadence Race Promotions.

Cadence Race Promotions Text, Version 2
CRP had set up a quick website that included the text "Meet Cadence Race Promotions! Your home for quality events throughout the state. Explore the site, and be sure to check back as we add premium events to our event calendar". I was asked to create text that explained exactly what they do and to craft it in a way that reflected their brand's personality.
Adobe Acrobat document [56.4 KB]

Primary Logo With Secondary Iterations

Course Signs for 5k and 10k Races

Girls on the Run of Stark County

SoleMale Fundraiser Marketing Text
In 2014, the board and I were planning our 5-year celebration. As part of that celebration, we wanted to allow one man to run the GOTR 5k. During a brainstorming session, we came up with the idea of auctioning off one male race registration. That year, we raised $1,800 to help fund our positive youth development program. In 2015, the auction was transformed into a competitive online fundraiser, raising $8,090. The text included here describes the current version of the fundraiser. Terminology was a combined effort between Charity Stewart and I, but final online text was written, edited, posted, and proofread by me.
Adobe Acrobat document [40.5 KB]

2014 Fall Festival

Problems: Attracting the GOTR audience to a new venue, competing with many other fall fundraisers, & a limited budget

Solutions: The event staff and I established the theme "Unmask Her Potential". I created a comic-book/superhero based campaign that focused on inspiring the GOTR audience.

I created a series of printed invitations featured 5 inspiring sayings to provide a fun glimpse of the GOTR mission. In keeping all event-specific text on the back, GOTR fans used the cards as inspirational decorations on folders, in lockers, and on personal & public bulletin boards and enjoyed sharing the cards with friends and family. The 4-color gloss front provided a professional appearance, while the size and 1-color backs kept the project under budget.

I also created a social media campaign that used the comic book bursts and actual quotes from GOTR participants to attract attention to the event.

My roles: Art directing/designing, copywriting, illustrating, & marketing

2015 Fall Festival

Problems: Standing out among the many fall fundraisers & a limited budget

Solutions: The event staff and I developed a campaign around the theme "Inspire Her Masterpiece". The Fall Festival featured local artists transforming a surprise theme into original works of art throughout the event. The pieces were then auctioned off to benefit the nonprofit.

Instead of using a standard size invitation, I designed a 4.724" x 4.724" CD insert, allowing us to stay below budget and offer a unique and inspiring professional piece. I chose to print the tickets on uncoated stock, which also reduced printing costs but maintained a consistent appearance.

My roles: Art directing/designing, copywriting, illustrating, & marketing

2016 GOTR 5k

Problems: Standing out among the many other races in the Ohio Challenge Series & growing public participation in the 5k

Solutions: Taking inspiration from the highly successful Fall Festival superhero marketing campaign, I created the SuperSHEro theme to emphasize the women-only aspect of the 5k.

I designed SuperSHEro-themed posters, postcards, & pin-back buttons for use in local businesses and at local events. I also created fun shareable images for use on Facebook and Twitter—some served as invitations (that could also be downloaded and printed on the website) and others  featured quotes from Stark County participants to help share the GOTR mission.

I carried this theme into a running retail partner award submission through Girls on the Run International, earning Second Sole a top 10 ranking in a competition that was open to over 200 GOTR councils throughout the country.

My roles: Art directing/designing, illustrating, copywriting, photo editing, & marketing

2016 Marketing

Problems: Limited printing budget & needing to stand out among local nonprofits and after-school programs

Solutions: Each of the pieces shown above resulted in increased awareness and significant printing savings for the nonprofit: the bifold business card replaced individualized cards (contact information can be handwritten in the white space); the gratitude report condensed the 6-page 8.5" x 11" annual report into a more accessible bifold matte finish brochure; and the coach recruitment flyer replaced 2-color 8.5" x 11" flyers—the front was designed to extend use by the recipient, as was done with previous campaigns.

My roles: Art directing/designing, photo editing, illustrating, copywriting, & marketing

Girls on the Run of Stark County Web Design

Disclaimer: I would not refer to myself as a web designer. I know enough CSS and HTML to make things work, most likely in ways that make real web designers laugh out loud or cringe. It's a skill that I am currently lworking on.

Girls on the Run of Stark County (Samples below, as I am no longer handling this website.)

As the GOTR webmaster, I was responsible for designing, updating, and proofreading content, while adhering to Girls on the Run International's brand guidelines.

Text shown here was provided by GOTRI. I updated it to reflect the local council.

This page of the Girls on the Run website includes text created by Charity Stewart for a sponsorship campaign that I edited for use on the website.

Each page includes images of actual Stark County coaches and/or program participants, along with quotes taken from season-ending participant surveys.

Starting a new Girls on the Run program can be a bit tricky, so I created this page to clarify the process.

The video was provided by Girls on the Run International, but I was responsible for creating text that provided the Stark and Wayne County process in a step-by-step format. I also created a detailed PDF to provide further details.

The SoleMale was created during a brainstorming session with the Girls on the Run board and myself. We wanted to add an option for dads to participate in the all-women GOTR 5k, while staying true to our girl-centric mission.

It was my responsibility to build out the campaign around the SoleMale, which included this page.

Massillon Museum: Andy Warhol Exhibit

Exhibit Announcement

When the Massillon Museum was given the opportunity to host a traveling Andy Warhol exhibit, they asked me to assist with supporting design work.

I created a 9" x 6" postcard to announce the exhibit.

Educational Panels

I was also tasked with creating several educational panels that followed the branding of the project but was also  readable by a group from a distance.

The final size of the timeline shown here was 25" by 51".

Intro Wall

Upon entering the exhibit space, visitors first see an intro wall. Due to the size of the wall, the images had to be printed individually and then applied.

The exhibit name SNAP! printed at 21" by 91".

Exhibit Opening Celebration

Seeing my work in an interactive space and watching visitor reactions was exciting,  unnerving, and incredibly inspiring—especially since it was unveiled with a themed costume party!

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